Al meer dan 25 jaar de speciaalzaak voor de saxofonist!

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Gottsu Sepia Tone tenorsax mondstuk, metaal

Gottsu Sepia Tone uit Japan

Metalen mondstuk, zwaar verzilverd.

Perfect afgewerkt mondstuk voor zeer veel controle en directheid, gebasseerd op de Vintage Otto Link Florida

Meest geschikt voor Jazz-Blues-Pop-Funk

Ronde sound met veel power maar toch vol.

Zonder binder en kap.

Dit zegt Gottsu Japan er zelf over:

Gottsu Sepia Tone Jazz Metal was born for everyone who loves jazz. This new mouthpiece reproduces the sound of the good old days and provides you with power and response while being easy to play, producing a dark, soft tone. At Gottsu we believe that finding your own sound is the most important thing for any musicians, and although it may take many years to obtain, Gottsu Sepia Tone Jazz Metal will be with you every step of the way. As a saxophonist who has experienced this process, I am happy to provide you with this excellent masterpiece. With Gottsu Sepia Tone Jazz Metal you will be able to realise all of your emotional expressions, and play as you wish. I promise you that this piece of art will give you the greatest joy in your life. Enjoy the infinite possibilities of music!!

Gottsu Sepia Tone tenorsax mondstuk, metaal

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