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  • Tasty Tunes

Tasty Tunes

Beschikbaar voor altsaxofoon, klarinet en dwarsfluit


Tasty Tunes is a collection of short repertoire or concert pieces forthe developing instrumentalist. The descriptive titles, such as JellyCopters, Dough Raises Me, A Cream Tease and Cornish Pastichehelp conjure the mood of the music and act as a stimulus for theperformer. With a mixture of styles and tempi these piecesrepresent a worthwhile challenge for players of grades three tofive standard. Pieces may be performed individually or combinedin any number to create a suite - or perhaps a sweet? Although themusic is approachable and light in character, it provides importantand technical musical experience. Enjoy playing and wet youraudience’s appetite! A separate piano accompaniment part isincluded with this book.

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Tasty Tunes


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