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  • Legere Classic Bb klarinet DUITS

Legere Classic Bb klarinet DUITS


A stiffer reed most appropriate for a Traditional or Classical setup. This reed has a thicker tip than our other Clarinet reeds and is designed to produce a darker sound. It is a great reed to start with, but remains popular with players at all levels.

This reed is designed specifically for the German System and has become a huge seller in Europe. Our German cut reed is very similar in most aspects, to our “Bb Standard” cut and produces a similar sound. The vamp design for the German cut reed is why this reed will only work with the German System. The vamp is much shorter than other Bb Clarinet reeds and the vamp length must match the mouthpiece opening to properly play.


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Legere Reeds Saxophone Strength Chart


Legere Classic Bb klarinet DUITS

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